Revised Tolworth Tower Planning Application

Tolworth Tower Development

CNM were originally given planning permission to build on this site.  However, CNM sold the property to Meadow Partners.  Prior to applying for a revised planning application Meadow Partners held a consultation which members of our executive committee attended.  Dick Ware our member in charge of planning has written the following report which compares the new application with the original CNM application and gives his comments:-

New owners of the Tolworth Tower site are Meadow Partners formed in 2009. They are a real estate investor that invests on behalf of a number of public pension plans. Origins are USA but with offices in UK. Been established since 2009. They organise and raise the money for developments.

This is the  exhibition board shown at the presentation 

Meadow Tolworth Tower exhibition boards

Rund Partnership is a specialist surveying and construction consultancy will be providing employers agent/project management services but will not be the actual building contractor for the works. It will probably be either a series of specialist trade contractors directed by Rund or one Main Building Contractor.

The original CNM scheme for the 22 storey tower only:-

  • 108 flats and apartments
  • 68 serviced apartments
  • Approx 4,920m2 of retained office space – 5 floors
  • Retention of Marks & Spencer’s and the Travelodge Hotel.
  • 73 accommodation units per floor

Revised Meadows Proposals for the Tower only:-

  • 239 residential units
  • No office space
  • Retention of Marks & Spencer’s and the Travelodge Hotel.
  • Fully equipped gym
  • 95 accommodation units per floor

Information from Meadows – These “Build to Rent” homes at Tolworth Tower will be designed and operated as part of a unified rental block. They offer a number of opportunities for the tenants. They do not ask for a deposit, and our ‘fully-furnished home’ option is popular. An on-site concierge will ensure that the maintenance needs of the tenants are met, along with assuring their security. There will also be a fully-equipped gym on site.

A total of 55 car parking spaces will be provided for the proposed residential development.

Parking spaces will be rented to residents rather than allocated by specific unit. This enables parking capacity within the car park to be maximised much more efficiently by comparison to more typical residential parking allocation.

Comment –

  • 55 spaces equates to 0.23 spaces per flat. Note:- Meyer Homes 950 Tolworth development – 0.375 spaces per flat.
  • For the previous CNM scheme for Tolworth Tower parking levels 0.81spaces per flat consented Jan 2016. So in under 3 years parking provision has been reduced by almost 72%. This is of course comparable to the traffic reductions we have all noticed at the Tolworth interchange over the same period???

 Application received 15/10/’18 –  Planning Application only for the external façade alterations to the existing Tolworth Tower (excluding the existing M&S), comprising cleaning and restoration works to the façade, installation of capped curtain walling, obscured glass panels, clear glazing and horizontal banding at 2nd to 22nd floors, installation of glazed balustrade and glazing panel at 22nd floor level and erection of plant screen at existing roof level, along with installation of canopy and plant screen at 2nd floor level.

Note:- 22nd floor of the Tower currently is the service deck and the 1st two levels is mainly M&S. So 19 levels of existing offices to residential

 Decision target date 10/12/’18

 Balance of the site

CNM previous scheme.

  • 200No flats in 4No blocks of 5, 12, 15 and 19 storeys with ground and 1st floor retail provision.
  • On-site Parking provision:-Retail 142 spaces(mainly M&S); Travelodge 56 spaces; Residential (Already Granted to north wing)54 spaces; Serviced Apartments 18 spaces; Office 27 spaces and Residential 250 spaces. Total 547 spaces. There are currently 645 existing parking spaces.
  • 78No flats already completed in North block and partially occupied.


Meadows Scheme – Very little detail to date as they are concentrating on the Tower.

  • 242No flats in 2No tower blocks one of 19 and the other of 12 storeys.
  • Construction of box to provide space for a further 26No flats
  • No details from Meadows on the parking provision for the balance of the site but a pretty fair bet is it won’t be much. They do not intend to extend basement parking as proposed for the CNM scheme.
  • 78No flats already completed in North block and partially occupied.


Developer Flats in Tolworth Tower Flats in new external Blocks Flats in Box Flats in North Tower TOTALS
CNM 235 200 Nil 78 513
Meadows 239 242 26 78 585
Number adjusted up from 176 for all floors being residential  Increase on original scheme 72No flats or 14%


The assessed area of the site is 1.5 hectare which results in a density of 390u/h or an increase of 129% on the current upper limit for the area of 170u/h.

Points for Discussion

  1. There priority seems to be getting the Tower started. Very little info on balance of scheme.
  2. Flats for rent only. Not the traditional mixture of tenancy. What is Kingston’s view?
  3. Smaller private renters could be replaced by large corporate rented developments like this in the future particularly in London. Nothing to buy only rent.
  4. House prices falling, rents increasing.
  5. Loss of office accommodation. Should this development include offices for which there is a shortage in Kingston. To be pragmatic Tolworth Towers has become redundant in providing modern office servicing requirements. Lets have some new office accommodation in the area instead. Make the area live/work.
  6. Totally unacceptable and excessive density levels and provision for on-site parking. If we let these escalating density levels and diminished parking provisions through then all is lost for Tolworth
  7. These flats will be for the younger and more transient renter. What about key workers? What market are they aiming for?
  8. Will the rents be competitive or will add-ons push them up?
  9. Accommodation mainly 1 and 2 bed with limited studio and 3 bed accommodation.
  10. There will be affordable housing provision.
  11. Difficult to judge this development on the Tower only. Would be cautious of passing the Tower without knowing the bigger picture on the total development.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dick Ware – October 2018