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281 Bus Route

Please sign our petition.

Last month we told you that CDRA are endeavoring to change the bus 281 route that TfL are intending to extend.  We wrote:-

‘Part of the agreement for the planning application approval to build 950 housing units on the former Government site at Tolworth was for the land owner Guinness Partnership  to help finance the extension of the 281-bus route so that it goes around the Tolworth roundabout, onto the A3 slip road. The bus will come off the roundabout and take the exit road towards the A3 South and almost immediately have to break to enter the slip road on Hook Rise South and then almost turn back on itself to enter Toby Way alongside Drayton Court.  We believe the danger is that traffic behind the bus will not realise its intention and will start to speed up thinking the bus will continue along the A3. Instead, they are met with a bus stopping almost dead in front of them; a recipe for disaster.

 The 281 Bus Route is a busy route and this will mean buses from early morning to late at night going past in close proximity to the properties of the residents of Drayton Court, who’s lives will already have been totally disrupted by having 950 new housing units built on their doorstep.

Our Executive Member Rob Robb has instead suggested that it would make more sense for the 281 to cross Tolworth Roundabout travel down the A240 and turn right into Jubilee Way. Davis Road could be utilised to turn around in and the 281 can return back to Tolworth Broadway. Rob has written to TfL to suggest this.‘

The response we have received from TfL has not been positive.  However, they do say that there will be a public consultation before the changes take place.  In the meantime, CDRA have started a petition.  If you are in agreement with our suggestions, we would appreciate it if you would sign our petition.  You do not have to pay Change.org if you do not want to.  Instead, just click on ‘Sorry I can’t do anything right now’.

To sign please click on this link https://www.change.org/p/extending-tfl-281-bus-route-to-cox-lane-business-park