Lidl Store – Chessington

Lidl, Leatherhead Road, Chessington planning application 21/02869/FUL –  There was a South of the Borough planning committee on the 7th of December to determine the second part of this planning application.

The main part of this application has already been decided. It was to demolish two perfectly good family homes and expand the car park facility. This part of the application was refused by RBK’s planning committee but was overturned on appeal by the Bristol Inspectorate. Therefore, this part of the application has already been granted

This meeting was to determine the planning application for the erection of side and front extensions to food store building and alterations to the permitted car park layout alongside other associated works. The planning department’s recommendation was to permit subject to certain conditions.  Whilst the councillors agreed to it they were not in favour of the scheme but they felt they did not have enough grounds to reject it.  The vote was a majority  with the exception of one councillor who voted against it.

Our CDRA Executive committee strongly disagrees with these decisions.  We believe the destruction of two family homes for the sake of extra car parking spaces and an extension to the store on an already congested road is extremely unfair to local residents. It is also thought that the extra car parking spaces will be taken by the extra staff that they will need to employ.

64, 76 And 78 Leatherhead Road Chessington KT9 2HY. Extension to foodstore building and demolition of residential properties at No.s 76 and 78 Leatherhead Road to facilitate an extension to the store car park with associated works. A similar application was made in 2016. It was refused by RBK. The applicant went to appeal and the application was upheld. You can read about the history of this planning application in the above letter which CDRA have sent to RBK’s planning department.