Cap in Hand Planning Application Consultation February 2023

Cap in Hand pre planning application Consultation

March 2023Haycroft Mews Consultation (Former Cap in Hand)

Our residents’ association attended several of the consultations.  However, we were disappointed that they were not proper consultations.  They were large boards and pictures of what they would like to build on this small site.  It was possible to ask questions or complete a form online.

The planning application would be for 40 housing units and no car parking spaces except for two disabled spaces. There is to be very little amenity space. Included in the housing units are 3 x 3 storey houses with flat roofs and balconies.  The balconies are classed as amenity space thus reducing the need for so much proper outside amenity space!  The houses will face Haycroft Road to make it less noisy for them.  However, as with the last planning application it will create overlooking for the residents of Haycroft Road.

We find it difficult to understand how putting so much into this small space could work.  The current entrance onto the Ace of Spades roundabout will be closed off by a block of seven storey flats which will be built right up to the boundary. The only entrance will be off of the A3, coming from Hinchley Wood.  As there will be little roadway we are not sure how deliveries will be made, or rubbish bins collected.

We are also concerned about the lack of car parking spaces.  Where will the residents park?  Presumably, on the already overcrowded residential roads nearby.

We as an Association tried to make the Cap in Hand a Public Asset so it had to stay as a Pub\Restaurant but the Council refused to support us and hence we are now fighting yet another over development densification project; profit before residents proposal.  Although it would be great to get rid of this eye sore CDRA do not think that this pre planning application is viable in any way.  If it ever becomes a live planning application, we, along with the residents of Haycroft Road will certainly have to object.

Our residents association has requested that the planning consultant for Haycroft Mews attend a South of the Borough Neighborhood meeting to give a  presentation and to allow questions from residents with the answers being recorded.  I believe we are awaiting a response to this request.

February 2023 – We have received an email from a  consultancy company called Consilocomms. 

They  write  ‘ We are writing to notify you of the launch of the public consultation on Haycroft Mews – a new vision for the former Cap in Hand site and its associated carpark to the west.

Closed in 2016, the Cap in Hand building has now sat empty for 7 years. Our proposals will rejuvenate the site and provide a sensitive new development delivering new homes and attractive green spaces for families in Kingston.

Ahead of submitting a planning application to Kingston Council later this year, we are keen to gather feedback from the local community to help shape our plans. To this end, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our public consultation which has now launched’.

The attached letter gives details of consultations that are being held  to gather feedback from residents prior to a planning application being submitted.  The letter is attached.  However, I have also printed the details below:-

The proposals will see the current site transformed to provide up to 40 new homes, including affordable homes and 30% purpose-built terraced houses for families, as well as commercial floorspace. Alongside this, the landscape focused design approach will include outdoor community facilities, the creation of a green corridor with new tree and hedge planting, new public realm and a community garden and eco garden. More information on the proposals can be found on our website at Ahead of submitting a planning application to Kingston Council later this year, we are keen to gather feedback from the local community, listen to your views and develop our proposals further.

Public consultations

• First in-person event: Wednesday 1st March, 15:00 – 19:00 Hook Church, Brook Road, Surbiton, KT6 5DB

• Second in-person event: Saturday 4th March, 10:00 – 14:00 Main Hall at Southborough High School, Hook Road, Surbiton, KT6 5AS

• Online webinar: Monday 6th March, 18:00 – 19:00 You can sign up for our webinar by visiting our website.

You can rest assured that our residents’ association will involve themselves in this consultation.

January 2023 – The Cap in Hand site remains an eye sore with no planning applications in site.

  Chessington District Residents’ Association

The Cap In Hand was sold to a developer and in February 2017 permission was granted for the conservatory to be demolished, and the pub retained on the ground floor and basement. The upper floor was to be converted to four 1 bedroom flats with roof terraces or balconies. They were also to build three 2 bedroom houses, one 2 bedroom flat and one 1 bedroom flat. The project would not commence until interest was shown in the pub.

As there had been no interest, in May 2018 another planning application was put forward which proposed the complete demolition of the pub, to be replaced with 38 units up to 7 storeys high with parking for 14 cars. It is not surprising there had been no interest in the first application as it was reported that the rent for the pub was £100,000 per year!

In June 2018 the South of the Borough Committee Meeting in the Hook Centre was packed with all seats taken and many people standing, as this development was on the agenda. There was a united feeling against the proposal with many reasons listed. The result of the meeting was put forward to the Development Control Committee (DCC) for their consideration at their next meeting. 

In October 2018 we reported that the DCC had turned down the application because not only was the developer not justifying the loss of the pub, but the proposal was not in keeping with the area. Also the lack of amenity space meant the accommodation would be sub-standard.

With the pub now in a more dilapidated condition, the developer has put in a revised application. A request has been made by Councillor Dunstone that this be brought to the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee for consultation. The council has notified the residents in the surrounding roads that the application has been submitted.

The revised design is not much different to the previous one. This time it is 39 units, 20 parking spaces and still 7 storeys high. If the previous application was rejected, then why have they virtually repeated the design? Maybe they saw the result of the 11 to 25 Leatherhead Road fiasco by the DCC and possibly thought they have a good chance that it will be passed.

It is still early days, so we can only hope that whilst they passed the four storey out of character building in Leatherhead Road, they have the courage to reject a seven storey one at the Ace of Spades.

Last month we wrote about the pre planning application consultation for the former Cap in Hand.