There have been many changes to our local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team.  The biggest change is that Sergeant Simon Baxter left the Police Force on the 6th of January.  We were sorry to hear this news and wish Sergeant Baxter all the best in his new career.

On Wednesday the 5th February 2020 the Chessinton South and North Ward Panel Police meeting will take place.  We will be given the opportunity to meet the new Police Sergeant.  The meeting will take place at the Safari Hotel at the Chessington World of Adventures at 7pm. Everyone is welcome. 

Planning Application 19/02966 – 11 – 25, Leatherhead Road

Chessington District Residents’ Association

Planning Application 19/02966  – 11 – 25, Leatherhead Road

The application is for demolition of eight existing residential dwellings and erection of 45 residential units with associated car and cycle parking, landscaping and access works. 

CDRA think the application is far too big for this location where we already have severe traffic problems on the A243.  It is also a great shame that such large family homes will be destroyed in what can only be seen as a ‘money making’ exercise by  the developer. There will also be limited car parking spaces which will in turn mean that the surrounding residential roads will be further encroached onto.

We will do our best to fight the application.  However, we know that the RBK planning department have been working closely with the developer for many months.  Therefore, it will be hard to get it refused.  Particularly, as the Council have large housing targets to meet. 


This is the link for the application.

You can object to the application by clicking in comments.  The more objections there are the more likely we will be listened to. 

Please note that the official date for objections is the 19th of December. However, you can still send in your objections by email to until the final decision is made at the Development Control Committee.

The route that the planning application will take is that now it has been submitted to the planning department at Kingston Council, the Planning Officers will study it and decide whether or not to recommend acceptance by the Development Control Committee ( Date not yet notified).

Residents comments were heard at the Planning Sub-Committee on the 7th of January. Their comments will be passed to the Development Control Committee so that they can be taken into account when they make their decision. You can hear the recording of the meeting of the 7th by clicking on this link

To find the Chair’s summary of points to be referred to DCC, residents could fast forward to the last 5 or so minutes.

You can also find more on this subject under our Planning page.


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