About Us

Chessington Residents’ Association

Our residents association is a voluntary, non political, self funded organisation which works hard for the residents of  the South of the Borough. The aim of the association is to ensure that residents have a strong meaningful voice on matters that have an impact on our community.

Executive Meetings

Our meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month at St Paul’s Centre, 280, Hook Road, Chessington, KT9 1PF at 7.30pm.  You are welcome to come and listen even if it is only for a short while.  If you have an issue we will try to assist you or put you in touch with the appropriate people.  We are in regular contact with our local Councillors, our MP and Council Officers. 

You can email us on chessingtondra@gmail.com or use the contact us link on this site.


  • Founded in 1975, having developed from earlier social organisations.
  • We have traditionally represented residents south of the A3.  However, there is also the Malden Rushett Residents Association which focus’s on their own part of the Borough.
  • In recent years we have developed to represent residents throughout the whole of the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee area, which includes Tolworth and Hook Rise ward.
  • We work in partnership with other local residents associations and directly offer practical support to them.
  • We are by far the largest of the South of the Borough residents associations.


We are very active and:-

  • Attend all Neighbourhood Committee meetings. Fully represented on the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Community Steering Group (the Neighbourhood Committee’s experiment in direct participation by residents in the committee’s work).
  • This led to our membership of the RBK’s Health Overview Committee’s working group on vehicle generated pollution which brought us into contact with the Joint Director of Public Health. Air pollution is a continuing area of work.
  • We have regular meetings with some of our local schools and businesses.
  • We are represented on all Patient Participation Groups for the medical practices in our area. We have a very active team who also attend Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group meetings and on occasion organise site visits.
  • Members of all local Police  Ward Panels.
  • The Association was founded to respond to planning applications and over the years this has become a major part of our work. In recent years we have become more proactive and also on occasion organise site visits.
  • And much else.


  • We publish extensive minutes of our monthly meetings which provide a record of major events in the community.
  • We have a direct membership and also a large number of residents who have requested our free monthly emails.
  • We actively ‘harvest’ residents email addresses so as to reach as wide a readership as possible.

We have a half page column each month in Chessington Chat, an advertising and community magazine which is delivered free to all homes south of the A3