Tolworth Tower Development – 21/00044

A new planning application has been put in for the Tolworth Tower plus a further two towers. If approved it will be a very large development of about 500 new units. We are very concerned about the lack of  infrastructure in this area as if approved these 500 new housing units will be in addition to the 950 housing units on the former Government site, already approved, next to the bowling alley.

The current tower is to be converted into 261 flats and the two new towers would have 136 and 102 flats. On the 2018 planning application the intention was for the flats to be rented. However, the plan has changed, now the expectation is that they will all be for sale. There is to be no affordable housing.

You can read a very comprehensive report made by the CDRA Executive member in charge of planning under in our planning section

Overdevelopment in Kingston – No Crossrail 2! – Will this make a difference to our Housing Targets?

The reason that we have so many inappropriate planning applications such as the 11 – 25 Leatherhead Road, being approved by our Council is that Kingston have very high housing targets to meet.  If Kingston do not meet them, they are in ‘tilted balance’ which means that planning decisions could be taken away from our Council and made centrally. 

We are sure you would agree that in view of this information it is very important that these housing targets are both fair and achievable.   The housing targets were increased because we were expecting to have Crossrail 2 come to Kingston.  Now it seems highly unlikely that it will ever come.  Consequently, the housing targets should be reduced.  Our CDRA Officer for Planning has written to Caroline Kerr the Leader of RBK asking a number of pertinent questions.  Click here to read:-

Hook Park Development

A company called Poppymill have apparently purchased land at the end of Clayton Road, alongside the A3. It is a total of 20 acres of land. Their intention is to build a large number of houses and a school whilst leaving much parkland. You can read more about it on this website in our October newsletter.