The Return of our Monthly Meetings

 Our residents’ association executive committee have resumed their monthly meetings at St Paul’s centre on the Hook Road.  Although minutes will still be written, some of you have told us that you prefer to receive a newsletter.  Therefore, we will continue to send you the newsletter.  However, if you wish to read our minutes, they will still be available on our website.  Indeed, most of what we send you can be found on our website and much more.

Our executive committee meetings are held at 8pm on the first Tuesday of each month.  You are all welcome to attend. 


Our residents’ association have been concerned about the number of e-scooters being driven on our roads and pavements. At this current time they are illegal with the exception of areas where they are conducting trials. A member of our executive committee wrote to a Government Minister and received a very detailed reply which you can read below.

Air pollution

What is the Air Pollution Level Where you live?

In the Times newspaper last week there was an interesting article. The Imperial College London have a website where you can input your postcode and house number to get a report on levels of three pollutants: fine particles known as PM2.5’s, larger particles called PM10’s and NO2,nitrogen dioxide, a gas that in urban areas is omitted largely by diesel vehicles. Imperial College London are encouraging estate agents to include this information when they put properties on the market. The website address is