RBK Local Plan

RBK carried out a survey entitled ‘Shaping the Future Together’.  This is a consultation document to the Local Plan.  The Local Plan is a document which when implemented will guide the planning department in making their planning application decision.  It includes issues such as a target  for the number of homes that must be built in our Borough. In actual fact it is a complex document. Dick Ware our Executive Member for planning has responded on behalf of CDRA.

His brief comment which accompanied his full response was:- ‘This is a sound document with what appears to be good intentions and aspiration that to me could present the basis for achieving a consensus with the local communities. This will only materialise providing the New London Plan does not dominate proceedings and that “The Shaping Future Together” does what is says on the tin and that it is a Kingston’s specific “Local Plan” meeting the needs of the residents of the borough’.

 You can read his full response of questions and comments here: