Latest Monthly Minutes


Of the meeting held on the 2nd of July 2019


Chairman- Colin Punch, Treasurer – Diane Brannan, Francis Brannan, Brian Eakins, Graham Hedley, Henry Jelley, Rene Piercey, Rob Robb, Colin Suckling,                     Sue Towner,  Dick Ware Sheila Watkins.


John Raistrick. Graham Young


Colin Dance, Mike Hoare, Peter Shakeshaft .


( a )  Review of AGM – We discussed the AGM.  It was thought that it was very successful.  Our Guest Speaker Jim Morford, the Borough Fire Brigade Commander, was excellent.  He spoke of the Fire Brigades role which is not only putting out fires and dealing with accidents.  It is also to help prevent fires from starting in the first place. He said that if any residents wanted their home checked to make sure that it is safe from fires you can contact them and they will come and make a home visit. If a smoke alarm is required they will fit it.  The whole service is free of charge. Jim answered many questions.

Jim Morford has now been posted to command another Borough.  We regret his leaving; he was a very efficient officer.  Some time ago, May at the latest, we contacted him saying that our association was concerned that parked commercial vehicles in Chessington Hill Park made the road width too narrow for a fire appliance to get through.  Within a day he had a fire engine sent down to confirm this statement.  We understand that at his request the street lamp posts were quickly moved to the back of the pavement to enable on the kerb parking by vehicles.  However, we are sorry to report that the Council have still not got around to painting the new white lines on the footpath. Therefore, Chessington Hill Park is still often blocked by parked vehicles during the evening.

( b )   Treasurers Report – Diane gave a review of last year’s annual accounts. Our income was slightly higher than the previous year.  This is thanks to our generous members.  Nevertheless we still made a loss of £179 after expenditure. Hall rental is our largest cost followed by printing. This year Sue Towner, one of our Executive members, very kindly sponsored our AGM newsletter which will definitely help with this year’s budget. We also have a number of lapsed members who we hope will rejoin this year. 

( c )  There will be no meeting in August.  We agreed that our next meeting will be the 10th of September when everyone will have returned from holiday.


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.


( d )   Bus Service to the Surbiton Health Centre –  Last month under Health  7 ( c) we wrote that ‘we  have been campaigning to have the location of our health services and public transport coordinated.  There is a bus direct from the Hook Centre to Kingston Hospital. However, we are still waiting for a bus route from the South of the Borough to the Surbiton Health Centre’.

Sheila told us that she has no problem with the bus service from Chessington to the Surbiton Health Centre.  She takes the K2 to Tolworth then changes onto the 281 which takes her directly to her destination.  We thanked Sheila for this information.


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(  e  ) No Hanging Baskets in Chessington, Hook or Malden Rushett  –  We wondered why there are no hanging baskets in our area this year.  A couple of years ago our residents association bid for money from the ‘ Council’s Your moneyyou Decide’ fund.  However, the following year it was not necessary as our local Councillors arranged the funding.  Wherever we go, be it Surbiton, Kingston, Epsom or Ewell there are magnificent displays but none here in Chessington.  Very sad! 

( f  )  Merlin Entertainments –   Francis read out an extract of an  article  in the Financial Times on the 8th of June:-

‘Merlin Entertainments, best known for Legoland  Resorts and Madame Tussauds wax museums, is to be acquired in a £6bn deal by a partnership that comprises  the Danish billionaire family that controls toymaker Lego,  the  private equity group Blackstone and a Canadian pension fund’.

This information could be relevant to us here in Chessington as Chessington World of Adventures was also previously owned by Merlin Entertainments.

(  g )  Respite Centre on Moor lane School Site – We are advised that this has still not been built as the building contractor has gone into insolvency.


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(  h  )  Ellingham School  Colin Punch advised us that a new Headteacher will start in September.  Mrs Maggie Fairweather  who is  the current interim Headteacher and with whom we have had a number of meetings with, chose not to apply for the position. 


( i   22, Bridge Road –  Dick advised that a planning application has been submitted to install a mobile home 11.6m x 3.7m.  We will investigate further.


(  j )  Proposed Development 11 – 25 Leatherhead Road–  Following on from last month when we wrote of Ross Sloan Investments intention to submit a planning application to RBK.  This is to demolish four large pairs of semi-detached houses with long gardens to build 49 residential units. 

We understand that the number of intended units has been reduced to 45.  We have arranged for a meeting to be held with the developer and interested residents at the Kings Centre on the 16th of July.  We will report on the meeting when we return in September. 

 (  k )  Over Development in Kingston – Rob Robb forwarded a link to our MP Edward Davey which was from the Government’s website in 2010.  It announced that ‘ Councils and communities are being given immediate powers to prevent the destructive practice of ‘garden grabbing’ and to decide what types of homes are suitable for their area.’

Rob wrote to Ed saying How times and promises change!

Edward sent this rather disappointing reply:-

‘Dear Rob Robb,

I share your and other residents’ concerns over the scale and nature of what both the Government and the Mayor for London see as the necessary growth of the Borough in the coming years. My casework also suggests the very great level of need, particularly for additional housing, but also for other infrastructure ( eg. health, education and workplace facilities) within my constituency.

To do nothing is therefore not a viable option, as more development would thereby be imposed on us from outside. It is therefore imperative that an up to date Local Plan is put in place as soon as is possible, setting out how best we, as a community, see the Borough developing. I therefore see people like you and those who “have your ear” as essential to join the consultation currently taking place.

Actions such as preparing and signing petitions of course have their place. However of far greater importance is a positive contribution to the formation of the Local Plan. To do this, please encourage as many residents as possible to visit –

and spend some time working through any section of the plan upon which you and they have a view. This is the most effective way of having our views heard and influencing what is taken forward to guide development in the coming years. Hard copies are also available at libraries and other council facilities where those of us who do not engage easily with modern technology can also have their say.
Yours sincerely,

Ed Davey
Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey MP
Kingston and Surbiton (Liberal Democrat)

This consultation has now closed. Our residents association have sent a very detailed response to the Local Plan.  However, we are not very optimistic as to how much it will actually influence any final decisions. 

(  l )  Bridge Road Roundabout –  Transport for London (TfL)  have confirmed that they will build the Bridge Road roundabout in the current layout but instead of the unsightly plastic blocks it will be built up with paving blocks.  However, as TfL currently have budgetary restraints we do not know when they will do this.  We will endeavour to find out


 (  m ) Millais House –  On the 2nd of  July we received the following email from the Chessington North Police Safer Neighbourhood team.  For those that do not know, Millais House is the block of flats next to Chessington North railway station.

‘Today Officers from Chessington North and Hook Safer Neighbourhood Team closed a flat after multiple reports from the public about anti-social behaviour and drug use at the premises were acted on.

After a lengthy court process a Deputy District Judge granted a closure order for the premises that were responsible for a large amount of Anti-Social Behaviour and was linked to drug dealing in the North Parade area of Chessington. The order was granted under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – Section 80, Part 4, Chapter 3. This was granted by Wimbledon Magistrates Court after your local team built a case to be heard.

This means no person other than employees of the housing provider or people there to work (For example emergency services) are allowed in, or they will be arrested. The premises was secured after the occupant was escorted out, the former resident was given information about agencies who could help house him. This closure order expires on 30th September 2019 and the tenancy is currently being reviewed by the housing provider.

 This court order would not have been granted without the community reporting these problems to police and other agencies. Please continue to report crime and anti-social behaviour in your area’

Second email received from PC Paul Roberts on the 22nd of July

‘Yesterday (Friday 19th July 2019) Chessington North and other police teams executed a section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act search warrant at an address in near to Chessington North Railway Station.

While executing the warrant 2 people were arrested and a quantity of class A drugs were recovered and seized.

Illegal drugs will not be tolerated within our community, please report any concerns to police’.

Our residents association are pleased to see that our local Police are managing to resolve some of the Misuse of Drug and Anti-Social Behaviour problems in our area. It has taken some time due to the necessity or gaining evidence followed by the legal processes that the Police must go through.


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