Latest Monthly Minutes


Of the meeting held on the 10th September 2019


Chairman- Colin Punch, Treasurer – Diane Brannan, Francis Brannan,  Colin Dance, Brian Eakins, Henry Jelley ,Rob Robb, Peter Shakeshaft,    Sue Towner, Dick Ware.


There were none


Mike Hoare, Graham Hedley ,Rene Piercey, Colin Suckling, Sheila Watkins.


( a )  Date of November meeting – Again the SOTB Neighbourhood Committee(NC)  meeting is being held on  5th of November, the same evening as ours.  We discussed and decided to move our CDRA meeting back to the 12th of November.  Even if people do not wish to go to the NC  meeting they may wish to go to a firework display.


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.


( b  )   No Hanging Baskets in Chessington, Hook or Malden Rushett  – Last month we wrote  (item 6e) ’We wondered why there are no hanging baskets in Chessington this year.  A couple of years ago our residents association bid for money from the ‘ Council’s ‘Your Money You Decide’ bid. However, the following year the Councillors arranged for them.  The brackets are still there but with no baskets hanging in them. Wherever we go, be it Surbiton, Kingston, Epsom or Ewell there are magnificent displays but none here in Chessington.  Very sad!’ 

Councillor Sharon Young responded.  She wrote:-

‘Dear Diane,

Many thanks for this. The reason there were no hanging baskets in Chessington this year is as follows; Last year local Councillors used their ward funding allocations towards hanging baskets for the local area as it was agreed this was pleasing to residents. Because elections were held in May 2018 it meant that there was very little time for the hanging baskets to be planted and “grown on” (this usually happens from around March time) and this resulted in a less vivid and healthy display than usual and would be desired. This year, Councillors were awaiting decisions to be made about the funding available and our new Neighbourhood Manager to take up her post and handover so there was not the opportunity to grow these at the right time. You will be pleased to know that we are in discussion already with our Neighbourhood Manager about options for next year and also about Christmas lighting- all are agreed this would be a great addition to the area but there are of course a number of practicalities that would need to be addressed. Kind regards, Dr Sharon Young,  Councillor Chessington North and Hook’

We thank Councillor Young for this information and look forward to seeing a colourful display next year.

There were none.


There were none.


( c )  Ace of Spades Roundabout –  We discussed the ongoing problem with this roundabout.  On the 28th of August the kerb stones which had recently been repaired had been knocked out of place and some were broken.  The repairs that Transport for London (TfL)  carry out are inadequate and a waste of public money. The problem is caused by the traffic volume increasing to such an extent that the roundabout cannot adequately cope with the number of vehicles using it.  As we have recently said, the diameter of a roundabout determines the number of vehicles that can comfortably and safely use it.  This particular roundabout is too small for the traffic volume.Our resident’s association regularly hold meetings with Transport for London (TfL).  We will again discuss this ongoing problem with them when we meet in October.

(  d ) King Edwards Playing Fields –  Councillor Archer has asked CDRA to provide a letter of support in the bid for funding to improve the playing fields.  We agreed that we would do this as there is no doubt that it is needed.  However, one of our members voiced concerns about the security of the park as it is in a remote location.  We suggested that maybe CCTV could be installed which is monitored by the RBK control room.  We will make this suggestion.

(  e  ) Removal of Recycling Area in Cox LaneThe recycling area in Cox Lane has now been closed.  Unfortunately, some people were not using it as they should.  Many people were dumping everything and not abiding by the new restrictions.  It was getting into a terrible mess.  We suspect it is too much bother for Kingston Council. Unless it was manned it could not really work.   It is a shame because it is a long way from Chessington to Villiers Road which can encourage ‘fly tipping’.

It was pointed out that in the past our Neighbourhood Rangers would take away small amounts of ‘fly tipping’.  However, they are no longer allowed to.  They have to report it to Veola, our refuse collectors, who then clear it but of course they charge RBK.  Whereas if the Ranger took it away there would not be an extra cost to RBK.


( f )  Boots to start charging for delivering prescriptions –  One of our members informed us that Boots had  given him a leaflet advising that from the end of September there will be a charge for delivering prescriptions.  This will be either £55 for a year or if it is just the odd one it will be £5.  We checked with Cohens at the Merritt Health Centre and Ace Pharmacy at the Ace of Spades.  Neither of them intends to start charging.  At least not in the foreseeable future.  We suggest that any of our residents who do use Boots for deliveries change to one of the non-charging pharmacies.


There were none.


( g  )   22, Bridge Road –  A planning application was  submitted to install a mobile home 11.6m x 3.7m.  It was refused.


( h )  Questions asked at September SOTB Neighbourhood Committee –  Our member in charge of planning asked the following planning related questions at the meeting.  We were not impressed by the limited answers that we were given. :-

a] 950 Meyer Homes Development at Tolworth

1. It is now over a year since the approval of this development can we have a comprehensive summary on  where we are with this development in regard to the development details of the 1st phase and any subsequent phases, particularly changes to what was presented to the DCC in July 2018 and what is proposed now? 

2. Timescales.   This is a very large scheme. Will there be any presentation by the Developer regarding such matters as the projected start date, phasing, logistics and impact on the area and the local residents?

Only answer – Section 106 still being sorted out

b] Meadows Partners Tolworth Tower development

3. Update on all the proposals for this site, not just the main tower?

4. Timescales and when will it be ready to put before the DCC?

5. (repeated from 2 above) This is a very large scheme. Will there be any presentation by the Developer regarding such matters as the projected start date, phasing, logistics and impact on the area and the local residents?  (This scheme will have a very severe impact on M&S, the Travelodge, and the 78 flat residents in the north tower as well as Tolworth Broadway and occupiers of all the flats down the Broadway.)

Only answer – expected to come before  the Development Control Committee this Autumn

c] Progress on Housing targets

6. Can we have an update on where the Council stand in regard to “Tilted Balance”? (This is where the Council are behind in building the number of housing units targeted by the May of London).  

7. How many developments including numbers of housing units over the past year have been refused by the DCC?

Only answer – look through planning application lists and count up number of houses on planning applications yourself

e] New Local Plan

9. Update/findings/response levels on the Consultation and what and when will the next phase of the Consultation be starting?

Answer – Approximately 450 responses to the questions in the  “Early Engagement on the New Local Plan” document.

As we have in excess of £180,000 people living in Kingston the number of participants in such an important consultation was not very impressive!

( h ) Chessington Golf ClubWe sent the following  email to Councillor Bamford :-

‘You will have seen on facebook that there are a couple of investment companies who are advertising the Chessington Golf Club as a space suitable for 300 new homes.  

Can you please tell me if a developer is currently talking to Kingston Council  about a possible development and if there has been a presentation or discussion with the Design Panel which Councillors could attend?  I am sure you will appreciate that any possible development on this site will be of great to concern to the community.’ 

We received the following reply from Councillor Bamford:-

‘Firstly, this land is protected by Green Belt legislation.

Secondly, it was identified in the ‘ Call for Sites’ exercise undertaken in 2017 as a potential site for development. I assume residents and the RA responded to this.

Thirdly, the Local Plan is currently out for consultation until 31st July and I assume residents and the RA have also responded to this. If anyone has a view that the Green Belt and sites such as this should continue to be protected by legislation, now is the time to say.

Fourthly, I am aware that there have been crowdfunding initiatives in connection with this site and its future. Following the fire at the old clubhouse on Tuesday I tried to contact the previous owners but their contact details are no longer valid.

Fifthly, I am not aware of any discussion with RBK about deregulation of this site apart from the ‘Call for Sites’ exercise previously mentioned.

Sixthly, I am not aware of any pre Application discussion in relation to this site.

And finally, please could Officers respond to the points made in the original message and my response .

I have also copied in other Ward Councillors and the Chair of the Neighbourhood Committee.

Best wishes, Tricia’

We could reassure Councillor Bamford that CDRA did respond to the Local Plan consultation.

We then received the following reply from Planning Council Officer Toby Feltham :-

‘I can confirm that I have had no discussions within the last two years regarding this site and am not aware of any discussions with any Councillors or Officers. There is no current pre-application enquiry or planning application with the Council. If there were, we would expect this to be put before the Design Review Panel’.

This is good news.  At least we do not have an immediate worry.  However, we are expecting something to happen in the near future as this is an expensive bit of land doing nothing. 

(  i  )  Bridge Road Roundabout –  Transport for London (TfL)  have confirmed that they will build the Bridge Road roundabout in the current layout but instead of the unsightly plastic blocks it will be built up with paving blocks.  However, as TfL currently have budgetary restraints we do not know when they will do this.  We will endeavour to find out


Chessington North and Chessington South Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel Meeting – Held September 2019

The Police Safer Neighbourhood teams tried multiple methods to help try to prevent Burglaries. These were :-

          Targeted High Visibility and Plain clothed Police in areas affected by burglaries.

PCSO Briggs went on reassurance visits to victims and gave advice where          necessary.  He also went on house to house patrols with emergency response officers

Changing shifts to accommodate these plans

Promoting Neighbourhood Watch


Crimes from June to September 2019

Flat 2 Millais House – July 3rdOfficers from Tolworth joined  the Chessington team to close Flat 2 after multiple reports from residents about anti –social behaviour and drug use linked to the premises.

Flat  4  Millais House – July 19th –  Successful drug warrant executed.  One arrest for possession of Class A drug.

Flat 82 Ripon Gardens – September 13th – A warrant was executed.  A male was arrested for possession of cannabis.  However, he does not live on the premises.


7 x Burglaries reported

 2  x found not to be a Burglaries.  One of the residents had mental issues.


7 x Theft from motor vehicles reported.

1 x catalytic converter was stolen plus items within the vehicle.

1 x smashed window and one where vehicle was left insecure



During June and July there were 8 x theft of catalytic converters from CWA. The SNT Police Team arranged High Visibility Patrols during periods from 10am to 3pm at Chessington World of Adventure car parks.  They liased with security to ensure that all ground staff at CWA are fully aware of the situation.  Officers also completed foot patrols around the Premier Inn warning members of the public to be vigilant.


2 X arrests for possession of cannabis.  Both were for personal use only


8 assaults reported.  However, the majority were domestic violence with a few being reported at Chessington World of Adventures for queue pushing.


1  x Chessington Garden Centre, carvery meal , 1 x CWA, mobile phone, 1 x BP Garage for theft of meat.  He/she was arrested and charged. 1 x Byhurst Farm, food products.


There was none

 Dates for your Diary – 

The next Chessington District Residents Association Meeting. The next meeting will be Tuesday the 1st of October, followed by the 12th of November. The meetings are held at 8pm at St Pauls Church Centre.  280,Hook Road, Chessington, KT9 1PF

South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee meeting – Tuesday 5th of November at 7.30pm. Proposed venue: Chessington Methodist Church, Church Lane/ Moor Lane, Chessington KT9 2DJ n