Chessington District Residents’ Association


Of the meeting held on the 3rd December 2019


Chairman- Colin Punch, Treasurer – Diane Brannan, Francis Brannan,  Graham Hedley, Colin Suckling, Sue Towner, Dick Ware, Sheila Watkins.


Robert Steventon, Dr Asaah Nkohkwo


Brian Eakins, Mike Hoare, Colin Dance, Henry Jelley,  Rene Piercey, Rob Robb, Peter Shakeshaft.


There were none


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.


( a ) Car Park at British Legion in Church Lane – Last month we wrote that The Chairwoman of the Eight O’clock Ladies Circle contacted us in September to ask if we knew who owned the British Legion car park as the ladies hold their meetings in the British Legion. It is dark when they go in and when they come out because the street lights are not working. There are also large pot holes in the tarmac.She is concerned that it is an accident waiting to happen.

Councillor Kirsch advised that he had not had any news from RBK officers.  Councillor Bamford sent us an email advising that she had met RBK surveyors on site a couple of months ago and that there are plans to resolve the issues, she has asked them for timescales.

We certainly hope that we receive news soon as the problem was notified to Councillors last September and we are very concerned about elderly people leaving the British Legion in the dark with these dangerous potholes in the car park. 

( b ) Missing White Line on the Leatherhead Road –  Last month we wrote:- A visitor raised the issue of the lack of a white centre line  on the newly surfaced length of the A243 Leatherhead Road going south just beyond the zebra crossing ; south of the Bridge Road roundabout, outside number 11 Leatherhead Road.

The centre line was a broad hatched area that kept the traffic separated so it kept vehicles as single lanes coming from and going towards the roundabout.

Residents believe that there is a real safety issue as vehicles try and form more than one lane of traffic without the lines; with the possibility of head on collisions.

Rob Robb wrote directly to Transport for London (TfL) to ask them to get the missing line re-painted. In response to our minutes Councillor Patricia Bamford advised that she had also chased up TfL  only last week (which would have been the end of November) and they advised that they would be doing an audit/inspection shortly. She also wrote ‘ There has also been concern  about the lack of reinstatement of cycle lane markings which I have reported several times’. (At the time of writing these minutes the missing white line has still not been reinstated).

(  c  )  South of the Borough Neighbourhood Manager Last month we wrote:-In the past each neighbourhood had their own Neighbourhood Manager.  There are eight neighbourhoods.  The Neighbourhood Manager should play a very important role in working with residents.  You will remember Barry Allen who was our Neighbourhood Manager for many years. He was generally our first point of contact for any problem that we had.  Unfortunately, the Council reduced the number of NM’s so that two neighbourhood’s had to share.  Consequently, Barry was made redundant.  We then shared Richard Dean with another neighbourhood. Richard was very conscientious but obviously did not have the time that Barry had to help us with our problems.  Last year there was another change around and Ellie Walker-Todd became our Neighbourhood Manager.  We recently emailed Ellie and were surprised to receive an email advising that she was only working part time.

Councillor Patricia Bamford kindly advised us of the following ‘ The SOTB Neighbourhood Manager was on sick leave for some time and on the advice of occupational therapy returned on a part time basis.  She has now found suitable employment elsewhere and RBK will be recruiting a full time replacement.  This remains a high priority for RBK and not a cut as suggested in the minutes.  Please amend accordingly’.  CDRA are pleased to hear that there will be a full time replacement for Ellie.  However, we presume that the replacement will still be responsible for two neighbourhoods which is a cut compared to the days when our Neighbourhood Manager was only responsible for the SOTB.


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(d ) Scams –  Action Fraud advised us of the following scam:-

 “A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911 (A premium rate number) DO NOT call  this number, as this is a mail scam originating from Belize.  If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £315 for the phone call.

If you do receive a card with these details, please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 020 7239 6655”.

Another scam was notified to us by a resident on the Nextdoor social media website.  She wrote:-

“This is from a friend who just had her bank account emptied after she paid a taxi driver with her debit card.  She wanted to pay with her credit card but he asked for another method as he didn’t want to pay the 4% visa fee”.

She said  “I received some great advice from the police that I want to share:  whenever you are asked to use debit instead of credit cards for whatever reason, enter the wrong pin number.  If it is a counterfeit machine it will pseudo process the payment and produce a receipt.  An authentic machine will reject the transaction and request you try again”.

There are so many scams around at the moment.  Most of us will be extremely cautious.  However, please ensure that your elderly neighbours and people who do not use social media or email are also made aware of the dangers.


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(  e ) 11 – 25, Leatherhead Road  19/02966/FUL –  This update happened after our meeting.  Due to the importance of the application we decided to include the latest information. Last month we wrote:- ‘The application is for demolition of eight existing residential dwellings and erection of 45 residential units with 33  car parking spaces  and 89 cycle racks!

CDRA consider that this proposed development is far too big for this location where we already have traffic problems on the A243.   We will do our best to fight the application.  However, we know that the RBK planning department have been working closely with the developer for many months.  Therefore, it will be hard to get it refused.  Particularly, as the Council have large housing targets to meet’

The application was discussed at the SOTB Sub-Planning Committee meeting on the 7th of January. The purpose of the meeting was for the Councillors to take notes of the residents comments on the application and refer them to a future Development Control Committee who will determine the application. The meeting was held at the Chessington Methodist Church Hall.  It was attended by about 200 people.  Many people had to either sit on the stage or on the floor. The high turnout was due to the excellent publicity carried out by a group on Facebook called ‘Say No to Over Development’. They delivered thousands of leaflets in Chessington.  CDRA and MRRA both wrote about the meeting in the December Chessington Chat which gets delivered to 8,500 households.

About ten residents spoke to oppose the development. There was very little repetition. Everyone had good points to make which made it clear to us that this application should be refused.

The meeting was recorded.  However, at the time of writing these minutes I do not think the recording is available.  We will notify you of the date of the Develpment Control Committee (DCC)  meeting as soon as we know it.  There is one on the 22nd of January.  However, at present we do not know if the application will be heard on that date. When the DCC meeting does take place we hope that as many people as possible will turn out to show their support for the opposition to the application. 

We will keep you informed.


( f ) Ex Toilet Block on Hook Road – The ex toilet block on the Hook Road, opposite the Fircroft Trust building was given permission to build as an office block (class B3).  However, for reasons unknown they have now applied for permission to convert and sell as residential (Class C3).  We hope that whatever is decided the rubbish that has been left outside for many months is finally cleared away.

( g ) 16/10482/FUL Development Land And Site At 1 Hook Rise South –  Meyer Homes applied to build  950 residential housing units and  were given permission in March 2019.  Part detailed/ part outline application for a total of 950 residential dwellings and other uses comprising: 1) Detailed: Erection of 211 residential dwellings (Use Class C3) with associated ground floor uses including Class D1 (Nursery) and Community Uses; (Class A1/A3) Restaurant/Café and 60 car parking spaces, bus layover and driver facilities; landscaping and ancillary works; 2) Outline: Erection of 739 residential units (Use Class C3) with associated other ground floor uses (Class D1) Doctor Surgery; (Class A1) Retail; Cycle Hub and 328 car parking spaces. All matters reserved for the outline phase except access.

Despite having been given permission to build the initial 211 housing units in March 2019, so far nothing has been built.  However, we have been advised that the first phase is expected to start in Spring of this year.


( h )There have been many changes to our local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team.  The biggest change is that Sergeant Simon Baxter will be leaving the Police Force on the 6th of January.  We are sorry to hear this news and wish Sergeant Baxter all the best in his new career.

On the 29th of January the Ward Panel Police meeting will take place.  We will be given the opportunity to meet the new Police Sergeant.  The meeting will take place in Boardroom 1 of  the Safari Hotel at the Chessington World of Adventures at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.


There was none

 Dates for your Diary – 

The next Chessington District Residents Association Meeting will be the 14th of January followed by the 4th of February. The meetings are held at 8pm at St Pauls Church Centre.  280,Hook Road, Chessington, KT9 1PF. All are welcome

South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee meeting  The next meeting will take place on the 16th of January at 7.30pm.  The Venue is the Hook Centre.